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Quartet de la passion

Trailer from the premiere in Visby Cathedral 14 of April 2017

Music: Claes Holmgren

Choreography/Dance: Susanne Svantesson

EricsBergskvartetten: Catharina Ericsson – violin, Marie-Louise Sjöberg – violin, Boel Hillerud Nyman – viola, Sara Wijk – violoncel

© Krapsan Produktion

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Björnlunda Kammarmusikförening

A film that I made on behalf of Björnlunda Chamber Music Association in Sörmland.

© Krapsan Produktion

Cultural walking paths in the Stockholm archipelago

Project [Kulturstigar] in Stockholm archipelago wants to show the connection between the nature of the archipelago and its history. The project is initiated by [Stockholm läns hembygdsförening] and four local history associations in the county.

I have made the graphic design for the signs for two of these cultural walking paths – Kulturstig Pilhamn on Ingarö and Lervassastigen on Ornö. Both of these walks were inaugurated in 2020.

Take the opportunity to hike beautiful cultural walking paths to enjoy nature and at the same time learn more about the archipelago!

Huvudskär ca 1915 Photo: © Ornö museum


Huvudskär is located in the outermost sea band in the Stockholm archipelago.

Huvudskär was at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century a lighthouse, pilot and customs site. More than 100 people lived on harsh conditions on the island during this period.

In 2013, together with three coworkers, I did an exhibition at Ornö Museum about life on the island during this time. In connection with this exhibition we also wrote a book, for which I was also the editor; Bland uniformer och strömmingsskötar – om livet på Huvudskär i gångna tider [Among uniforms and herring nets  – about life on Huvudskär in past times].

The book is for sale. Send an email if interested to

Read more about the exhibition at Ornö museum

Danspodden Isadora

At the beginning of the summer of 2018, I was interviewed by Danspodden Isadora. We talked a lot about Men Who Dance and what has happened to the film since its premiere in 2015. And about the dance film The blue dress and Dance in general. But also about a lot of other things like courage, inspiration and about daring to be a little boring.

The interview is available to listen to, section 53 (in Swedish)

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In May 2017, I was back in Paris on a scholarship from the Carina Ari Foundation to work on the dance film The blue dress.

Photo: Susanne Svantesson

The blue dress -Gotland Art Week

It was a magical and absolutely fantastic evening when the film and dance performance The Blue Dress had a sneak premiere in Visby during Gotland Art Week on 23 August 2016.

The film was projected outdoors on the Cathedral wall and Unn Dahlman danced in a completely quiet and beautiful late summer evening.

A co-arrangement between Visby Domkyrkoförsamling, Film på Gotland, Dans på Gotland and Krapsan Produktion. Thanks to everybody!




A nice article made by Gotlands Allehanda on August 22, 2016. Click on the newspaper pages to open the article for reading (in Swedish)

Photo: © Sandra Fröberg | Film på Gotland

The performance during Gotland Art Week was the first with material inspired by the sculptor Camille Claudel. This has resulted in the film The blue dress, which is waiting to premiere, and Indigo, which premiered in October 2020 at Länsteatern on Gotland.

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Guesting the festival [Bollnäs Dansar] 2015

Men who dance was shown at the Cinema Theater in Kilafors both as a public performance with audience talks and a school performance for high school students.

Susanne also had a workshop with dancers, choreographers and educators from the region. Very fun, inspiring and exciting days!

See the slide show from the film screening in Kilafors and the workshop in dance.

Foto Kilaforsbion: Matilda Norling Persson

Photo workshop: Camilla Lucchesi

Invisible Traces

In the autumn of 2015, Susanne Svantesson and Vanessa McIntosh began filming a short film with the working name Invisible traces. The duo started this work during a residency at the Vitlycke Center for the Performing Arts.

During the residency 2-14 November 2015, Susanne Svantesson also held a workshop in dance. Vanessa McIntosh took the photos.

See the slide show from the workshop, 6 November 2015.

Thanks to everyone who participated, you were amazing!

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A unique film screening

King of Herrvik has had many fine screenings. One of the more spectacular and fun took place in the autumn of 2006 when I was invited by Yachsnickeriet and Linds Boatyard (now Båtkompaniet). The film was shown in the boathouse with a beautiful sailboat as a backdrop. Before the show, homemade pea soup was served with punch and after, coffee with cake was served along with a lot of nice socializing.

See pictures from the evening through the link below.