on the Humanistic Theater in Uppsala.

You can’t really see who they are in the dark, but I can tell you that they sound fantastic! What an incredible favor to have these people playing, singing and reciting while my film rolls in the performance The Academy of Dreamers. Here at the Humanistic Theater in Uppsala.

Suecia Antiqua et Hodierna/The Academy of Dreamers

After the premiere in Östersund, performance at the National Museum in Stockholm and here from the performance in Uppsala, the tour now continues to Gothenburg, Lund, Rome and Athens. Welcome!

Ensemble: Katija Dragojevic Nylander Рvocals, Anna Paradiso Рharpsichord, Kate Hearne Рcello and recorder, Dan Laurin Рrecorder, Mikael Rudolfsson Рtrombone, Carin Bartosch Edstr̦m Рrecitation and composition, Susanne Svantesson РfilmT